What does the future of drinking look like?

Author: Louis Borrelli

For us the future of drinking looks a lot different then the past. Boozy drinks were cool and often the only choice for quality and complex drinks. That’s no longer the case.

We enjoy alcohol on occasion but like many others we’ve put greater value on health and how we feel in general. This shift in values and remaining desire for a well crafted cocktail is shaping the landscape of No & Low alcohol.

“No & Low” is exactly what you can expect from these types of drinks. No alcohol whatsoever or much lower amounts than you’d typically expect.

Maybe you’ve seen non-alc drink menus at some hip bars or your friends have been posting Seedlip pics on Insta for “Sober October.” Whatever the case, this curiosity with moderation is growing and different brands and people are giving us more options than ever. High quality options that you can appreciate and savor.

Drinking or not drinking, it doesn’t matter. A quality cocktail, beer, or glass of wine will be available for you. That’s the future of drinking and we’ll be discussing it here everyday.


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