The Ultimate Guide to Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Source: Richie Crowley

This guide is an introductory tour of every available non-alcoholic option in the world.

In assembling this guide, I reached out to every brand, inviting them to submit an image, a founder’s quote, their menu, in which countries they are available, and gave the option to include a discount code for readers.

Unlike many of the lists consumers come across, riddled with affiliate links, diluting the authenticity of a “Top Ten”, as author I rejected any type of compensation for improved positioning or kickbacks. As tempting as it was, creating an unbiased resource seemed more important.

I did allow brands to use my handle, name, or YouTube show name in the creation of the custom discounts code you’ll find below, but, sigh, still no kick-backs. Fair is fair.

I’ve been sober for nearly 3 years, and as much as I miss the taste and social aspects of drinking, I don’t miss the CVS receipt sized list of its negative effects on my life. The brands in this list have provided me a solution in great tasting non-alcoholic health-promoting options, and to them I am grateful.

So, this guide is for people like you and me, consumers. We might already drink non-alc beverages and want to meet a few more, or be just discovering the category. Either way, this guide is for you.

This guide is also active. I will continue to update it with new brands as they emerge, and have extended a permanent invitation to each brand manager to send updates to their offerings or discount codes should they choose to.

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